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Please know that we try to get orders out as fast as we can.


We understand you are excited to receive your package. 


However, once packages are handed off to the mail carriers,

we have no control over how fast or slow they will arrive. 


We do not guarantee delivery time frames for this reason.

  • Custom Bling Horse Tack Custom Leather is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. 

  • Customer is responsible for requesting additional mail insurance and will be billed for it separately from normal shipping costs.

  • Please notify us within 48 hours if you receive a package that is damaged or defective in anyway. We will handle this on a case-by-case basis and either replace or refund


I strive to make a quality, long lasting product for every customer and will stand behind my product.


All Custom Bling Horse Tack Custom Leather products carry a 5 year warranty of workmanship.


This means if some crystals come off, I will replace them free of charge.

  • Warranties are included with each custom designed item.  Each claim will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  

  • If you have a problem to report, please email us and include photos of the issue.  Normal wear and tear are expected with use, and is not eligible for warranty claim.  

  • Lost conchos are not subject to warranty. It is your responsibility to check screws.  You may also remove screws, add and adhesive, then return screws.  BUT, if you do this, it may make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove the screws later, should you need to.

  • Warranty work does not include shipping costs, buyer must pay shipping charges. 

  • Warranty does not cover neglect, abuse or misuse of our tack. 



    •  If you tie your horse by the reins and he pulls back and breaks your headstall, that does not fall under warranty. Same goes with bronc nosebands/halters.

    • If you allow the horse to step on the reins and he pulls up head and breaks cheek strap or rein this does not fall under warranty.  

    • If you never clean/oil/condition your tack and it is damaged or breaks it is not covered under warranty. 

    • If you use your tack for other uses than what it is designed for and it is damaged or broken as a result, this is not covered under warranty. 

    • If paint is worn off or scratched due to use this is not covered under warranty.  

    • Although rare; if crystals, studs or other embellishments (except conchos) come lose or fall off, they are covered under warranty.  Indications of intentional abuse leading to damaged or missing crystals will not be covered free of charge.

    • Conchos - I do NOT replace lost conchos free of charge. It is your responsibility to check and tighten conchos on a regular basis.

    • If paint becomes scratched or worn off, please contact for rework pricing; this is not covered under warranty but I am happy to touch-up paint at a reasonable cost.


There are NO REFUNDS, RETURNS, or EXCHANGES on ANY custom item. 


Supplies are ordered and used for your specific design requests, and it is difficult to recoup any loses on custom items not paid for.  Therefore, once an order is started, we cannot refund your money.


We will issue refunds for NEW/UNUSED "stock” (non-custom) merchandise returned within 14 days; return must be all buckled to original positions.  A 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund. Shipping charges are non-refundable. 


You are responsible for ordering correct sizes.  Please contact me for any size questions prior to ordering – after 30 years of doing this I can help to ensure you get the correct size

  • NO returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted on any custom or used items/orders.

  • Custom orders may not be cancelled after being placed.

  • Water, sweat, and dirt are very damaging and very hard on leather & tack; it causes corrosion to hardware and drying out to leather. A baby wipe is a quick and easy way to do this on the go.

  • For maximum life, clean your tack and conchos after each use. Check for loose screws, and condition the leather regularly.

  • Frequent cleaning and inspection may help prevent lost conchos, crystals, tarnished or rusted hardware, and dried out leather. Black Rock is a great conditioner for the leather.  

  • Store your items in a dry location when not in use. 

  • You can clean your crystals by simply using damp towel with a little Dawn or Windex on a lint free towel. 

  • We do not warranty lost conchos.  You may remove screw, add an adhesive (super glue) or a dab of clear nail polish, then replace screw to prevent screws from backing out.  BUT be warned, this may make it extremely difficult, if not impossible for you to remove screws later, should the need arise.

  • Horse Riding and other equine activities are dangerous and may result in serious injury or even death. No product can eliminate these risks. Products sold by us do NOT eliminate these risks.

  • Products sold are NOT considered protective equipment. All riders should wear protective equipment every time they ride

  • Inspect all of your riding equipment prior to every use. Check for lose screws, corrosion or rust, weak points, and any other malfunction or abnormality. Inspect all materials, and leather for dry rot, weak spots, elongated holes, stretching, tears or rips, cracking, stiffness, and any other sign it is not in good condition. Consult with a professional for assistance in inspecting your equipment properly. Failure to do so can result in injury or even death to you and/or your horse.
    Exercise reasonable care, precaution, and good equestrian practices when riding to help reduce these risks.

  • By ordering, purchasing, or using items from Custom Bling Horse Tack via website, social media, invoice, tack trailers, second hand, award, gift, or any other means of acquiring our tack, you agree to these terms and conditions of use. You waive any liability and do not hold Custom Bling Horse Tack or any of its extensions or agents liable for any negative outcomes that may result in use of said equipment or items.

  • If your browband seems really small it most likely is a 1 ear style set!  (It has happened a few times where the headstall is oddly small when it arrives. It wasn't a browband set it was a 1 ear set.  We all are always learning :)

  • Horse Harness Assembly: if you need help with the harness assembly google has tons of photos of driving harness parts that should help out.  If you would like me to email you a link, I can do that also.  


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