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 ʊ Be Sure To Check Out The Tack in Action and Beautiful               Buyer Tack Photos on the HOMEPAGE ʊ


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                                     ʊ Tips & Care ʊ

ʊ   Turn around time is 1-3 days 

ʊ  All conchos should be checked & tightened after a few       uses, and again every couple months to prevent                   concho loss. 

ʊ A dab of clear nail polish on the screw before attaching      the concho will keep them tight and removable when          needed.  

ʊ All tack and leather items should be cleaned after                 getting covered with sweat, as this is very hard on the          leather & causes corrosion to hardware.  A baby wipe          is a quick and easy way to do this on the go. 

ʊ Store your items in a dry location when not in use 

ʊ Oil your leather about once a year to prevent cracking

ʊ You can clean your crystals by simply using damp towel        with a little Dawn or Windex on a lint free towel. 

ʊ Black Rock is a great conditioner for the leather.  

ʊ If your browband seems really small it most likely is a 1          ear style set!  (it has happened a few times where the          headstall is oddly small when it arrives.  I figured out            what was happening and  quickly sent her a photo of          the set on a horse and we figured out the problem~ It          wasn't a browband set it was a 1 ear set.  We all are              always learning :)

ʊ Horse Harness Assembly :  if you need help w the                  harness assembly google has tons of photos of                    driving harness parts that should help out.  If you                  would like me to email you a link I can do that also.  



ʊ If you have any questions please let me know !!

ʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ


                                      ʊ Returns ʊ


ʊ Returns are few and  accepted graciously. 

ʊ Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have a             problem with your order, please contact us right away!

       636-578-4592 please text or call


ʊ We will issue refunds (less shipping costs) for unused in       stock merchandise returned within 14 days all buckled       to original positions.

ʊ We do not issue refunds on custom or personalized                orders, but will gladly work with you to correct any               problems you have with your order.


ʊ A 15% restocking fee will  apply to refunds, no                           restocking fees on exchanges. 

ʊ Although rare but can happen~ If you lose a stone I will         replace it at no charge. Please contact us for shipping         details.  

ʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ ʊ  ʊʊ  ʊ

 ʊ Be Sure To Check Out The Tack in Action and Beautiful             Buyer Tack Photos on the HOMEPAGE ʊ

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