Frequently Asked Questions



1)   How much hair will you need? 
     I will need approximately 8" 50 Strands or so. (A bit less than the diameter of pencil) To obtain hair without frays, cut a small section from the center of the tail right at the end of the tail bone. If your horse has passed lockets can be made with as little as an inch of hair.
2)  Payment options: 

     Paypal, Check or Money Order


3)  If you are mailing payment with your package. please include a note that includes:
     a) Background color Choice
     b) Style Choice
     c) Crystal Color Choice
     d) If you would like any remaining hair returned to you.            
           This helps us keep everything organized as they come in.
4) How Long does it take to get back to me ?
     Currently it takes approximately 5 days to get in the mail to you.
5) Where do I mail my hair
      Please mail to
      The Horse Locket
      210 Greenway Drive
      Wentzville MO 63385
6) Do you need mane or tail hair?
      Your keepsake can be made with either you choose and even
      any other pet you have.  

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