Large Pony Size Padded Leather Driving Harness

New Complete  Large Pony Size Driving Harness

       All Leather with Black Padding on the Saddle, Bridle & Breast Strap. Bridle has wire in the stays to keep the blinkers out of their eyes..  

Bridle measures 38" at the smallest and 42" at the largest tip to tip over the poll.  Saddle of the harness measures 64" at the smallest and 72" at the largest. 
    The easiest way to know is If this will fit is using a bale string it makes it easier, measure corner of the mouth to other corner over the poll and then right behind the withers,  Then measure the string and compare the measurements above. 

    Remember that the bit will add approx 1.5" to the bridle due to the rings, and the saddle of the harness will have a pad.

Large Pony Size Padded Leather Driving Harness